Ultimate Cheat / Console Command Guide | The Forest 2018 v1.08

Full list of commands on the wiki:

This video goes over the most common cheats / console commands in The Forest. There is a lot, but this covers the most useful and important ones. You do not need mods to use these.

Make sure you have cheats enabled in your game options menu. They won’t work otherwise.I make videos, guides, tutorials, and let’s plays primarily for The Forest. My focus is giving the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Make sure you like and subscribe, cheers.

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50 thought on “Ultimate Cheat / Console Command Guide | The Forest 2018 v1.08”

  1. Farket says:

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you have cheats enabled in the game options menu. They won't work otherwise. With cheats disabled, it doesn't stop mods, so griefers can still ruin your multiplayer games. I foresee The Forest developers either fixing this soon, or disabling mods completely. Hopefully they can fix it without disabling mods.

  2. Jesse Max Priest says:

    What is the real time number for gametimescale? I want the time in game to pass like real time.

  3. Gamingdude 1234 says:

    i want a face reveal very badly!

  4. laczkó matyi says:

    addClothingByiD 9 not going

  5. Propaganda Goodness says:

    Nice LA Beast music in the background 👌

  6. The Ptah Creator says:

    Hi do u ever play the forest on ps4 ? I would love for u to see my town in the forest game

  7. I am ze MEDIC! says:

    He talks about fears in the caves i dont have fears im just VERY easily scared everything is like a jumpscare to me

  8. Raiden Bates says:

    Be careful if you build something and are in it it might crash your game and will be loud and it might scare you it scared me

  9. Egilas Nieko says:


  10. SW GEEK OFFICIAL says:

    i like you video
    it's super bro

  11. רון קלצבסקי says:

    how too open the console

  12. dog_on_chair YT says:

    So for the buildhack and buildallghosts, do you need the resources for them to work? because im trying it rn and nothing happened

  13. Desquiny says:

    sorry for coming here so late, but if i turn on say, infinite inventory, does this apply to all players in the session?

  14. Skyulgi says:

    All right.
    I need help.
    For some reason build commands aren't working in multiplayer. Is there any way to fix this?

  15. Running Red Fox says:

    I have the game on PS4 and I bought the game on PC to tide me over until Sons of the Forest. Your video has save me a lot of time. Thanks.

  16. Neat Gamer says:

    I feel like you should have specified how to turn on and off F lock

  17. Elijah King says:

    Put your volume to full and go to the intro of the video and your ears will bleed

  18. Midnight Mechanic says:

    Invisible mode does make you invisible to cannibals, but not to mutants.

  19. Mr. Flookles says:

    is it just me or could he be a good narrorator

  20. George Robert says:

    logan_ack is the only working hack tools , all other hack tools are scam

  21. rachele pyles says:

    In my view the real one is imix.monster/utennis-guide/
    I used it today

  22. It’s me Tyrone says:

    Do not do timscale 50 it crashes you game

  23. Seed Seep says:

    Very good how they make the forest appear back

  24. FaZe Pizzarolls says:

    How do you type in the main menu

  25. cyyus gamer says:

    how do i turn off f lock ?

  26. Varga Patrik says:

    How are you filling up the buildings with e? i mean you are holding the e and it's filling it up i didn'T see that command in the video or i did not understand it, cuz in my game i only can fill up the unready buildings when i spamming the e

  27. Michael Griego says:

    How do I open chat

  28. Void Hectik says:

    how do enable on console

  29. Japsy Jr. JAVELLANA says:

    does this work on pc?

  30. Japsy Jr. JAVELLANA says:


  31. Pogqt says:

    can you tp

  32. Wilppuh says:

    Im trying to join to my friend and it says searching client can anyone help me im on ps4

  33. James Charlesfan says:

    F1 is my mute button it just muted everything

  34. SLEEPYTR-PPY says:

    Does this work on ps4?

  35. SLEEPYTR-PPY says:

    Keep inventory???

  36. Gillich80 says:

    how did you spam so many arrows?

  37. Night Lock says:

    Are you supposed to have the forest for this guide?

  38. Billy Hurles says:

    note after you type command you go out fast and I can't pause it to read. I can't spell good

  39. Billy Hurles says:

    what is commands console

  40. Ori_the_guy Gaming says:

    How to open the cheat menu

  41. etansteve pemanuel says:

    thank you very mutch for shering the cheat am very happy so mutch

  42. etansteve pemanuel says:

    thank you again

  43. COCOman 519 says:

    Where do I type it on ps4

  44. Darko says:

    When i press F1 nothing happens

  45. Gustavo Sousa says:

    Hey Farket, great fan here. The command "buildallghosts" doesn't work for cave ghosts. Now I have all caves with ghosts to build, and the automatic command doesn't do anything. Is there a way to overcome this issue? Thanks, cheers

  46. leanne ingham says:

    How do u use chatttt

  47. RubenLol says:

    can i use this in multiplayer?

  48. CoryC L says:

    The itemhack on dosnt work on pc

  49. arijan krakovic says:

    does it work in multilayer

  50. crusher 531 says:

    Idk why but for me when i press f1 it just gives me a option to type at the top left corner. How do i go to the menu pls help.

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