The runescape "cheat" everyone has tried

The runescape “cheat” everyone has tried
While finding methods to make a part 2 of my oldest money making methods video, I discovered a couple of these old “cheat” websites for runescape. These websites feature cheats, tips and tricks, money making methods, and more from players all the way back in 2004! Including ones that you guys mentioned in the comments of my last video, one that still works to this day…


Wii Shop:
Scary 2:

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37 thought on “The runescape "cheat" everyone has tried”

  1. Nick Kar says:

    Yo I got gassed cos I thought I had 100b and tried to trade it and it only said 200gp and the guy I traded clowned me so hard

  2. kylie Vick says:

    I recommend #coder_natee on instagram for all hack work he's a genius and very reliable

  3. kylie Vick says:

    All thanks to #coder_natee on instagram for getting me access to my boyfriend insta

  4. Mike351025 says:

    0:20 I miss that homepage

  5. Green Beret says:

    Hello everyone. About few months ago the love of my life broke up with me, and I felt like my life just stopped. She moved and wouldn’t talk to me. No matter what I did or said, she

    wouldn’t respond to me at all. After trying for two months, I started to look for a magic spell or a witch to help me. I had heard of it from my relatives that spells were real and that they worked. So I looked on the internet. Somehow I ended up on Dr. Isi website and I read & watched the testimonials and felt a hope again. I wrote to Dr. Isi via this website and was told to order for a spell based on what I so much desired. I did actually made the order from his website and was amazed. I was never too sure about whether or not psychics and all this stuff was real. But after experiencing Dr. Isi work, I had no doubt that it definitely was real. About days after, I ordered my first Spell to be cast by Dr. Isi of . About 1week after the spell was sealed by me, my ex started calling me and talking to me on a daily basis. We ended up back together after two weeks of constant talking…..

  6. Kwispie Chickwen says:

    It wasnt on runescape but i used to fall for them its a roblox hack

  7. AlabamaShrek305 says:

    add a public comment…

  8. iam3p1c says:

  9. Daily Gaming Content - Uploading Daily Videos says:

  10. shereika william says:

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  11. Hawking Chair says:

    How to get married:

    Girls- You know what you gotta do. Kiss the frog.

    Boys-Don't do nothing.

  12. James Pond says:

    Just so you know, cheat engine is a core tool of modern game cheating. It’s usually the first tool you pull up if you’re trying to develop hacks for a game.

  13. missingindy says:

    Flying McChicken burgers

  14. Joe momma says:

    I've been playing for 12+ years at least and I never tried this

  15. crowonthepowerlines says:

    Legit impressed by how well that kid describes the program.

  16. Longview3K says:

    Using AutoChat was a great way to spam the chat logs with highlighted colors. Amazing, account got a 14 day suspension after i used it the first time

  17. Tyler Smith says:

    White:wave:selling lobs 250ea 😂

  18. Shaman Cradoc says:

    Someone probably got someone to buy the script. Lol

  19. Taylor Johnathan says:

    You need to do this on the login page! Just type @cya ; @yel ; @blu in the username login page and it will switch colors. I used to do this all the time
    Edit: it doesn't work anymore 😭

  20. Tobias Grijsen says:

    you should of used the widget inspector to change the raw chicken to mcchicken burger

  21. Jack Mitchell says:

    The @[email protected], @[email protected] @[email protected] etc was from classic. Each would change to that colour, but "ran" would flash random colours 🙂

  22. Zachary James says:

    Side note for early gamers cheat engine works on adventure quest.

  23. Elder74 says:

    Imagine keeping that 2147m lol

  24. Josh Robbins says:

    We used to change the color of text using a few abbreviations. For an example…
    @[email protected] (then insert text here) and it would flash random colors. You could do that with many colors by just using the first 3 letters of that color.
    They also did that for wave, shake, and a few others I don’t really remember….

  25. Davor Jelic says:

    The RuneScape lottery got me!! 😂😂 good thing I only had full bronze and a air staff

  26. NativeDanishPatriot says:

    Ist @whi Evry1inchat. You forgot a space.

  27. Alan Barrett II says:

    I remember:
    red: Text
    White: Green: Flash: Flash1: Flash2: Flash3: Wave: Wave1: ect…

  28. gtfobuddy21 says:

    Tfw i remember seeing that video im pretty sure

  29. Lachlan Sutherland says:

    Cant forget the "money injections programs"

  30. Hey Z_Ree says:

    Who remembers going to the chaos altar as a Rev Summoner

  31. ThatFrog says:

    Wait why is there a cow for the home teleport?

  32. Ju5tix says:

    I didn't because Im new

  33. Jonny D says:

    These were almost as helpful as 25 buttholes new life advice channel… almost

  34. Tayler Nordenger says:

    I remember watching that cheat engine tutorial when I was a kid lmao

  35. monkeyboy018 says:

    3:20 omg the DScimmy cursor! Such a relic of the past 😂😂 I remember changing the cursor on my computer in high-school, and the teacher got so upset that he straight up launched an investigation on who was changing it. I never got caught but damn!

  36. Jake Campbell says:

    don't tell me to relax peasant i'll scam all I want! xd

  37. Travis Lester says:

    Dang man so many memories.

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