The Crew: Brand new cheat (speedhack) in game

Here you can see obvious speedhack with insane accel of Agera.
Old cheats which I saw before was easy to detect by sliptime on checkpoints between me and cheater – it has huge delay. Now it’s not.
And also with old cheats in lobby on finish there was not 30 seconds of waiting but few minutes. Now it’s shows current time as in normal race.
Old cheats you can find here in my playlist:

16 thought on “The Crew: Brand new cheat (speedhack) in game”

  1. Aleks426 says:

    Этого следовало ожидать, благодаря бесплатной раздаче игры. Теперь у крю есть шанс повторить судьбу ворлда, если на таких забьют болт и не будут банить.

  2. Ben D. says:

    I hate cheaters, especially in a game like this where the top players are so competitive.

  3. alexcazacu1 says:

    Will you play forza horizon 3?

  4. GR33NY says:

    Do u now how Paragleiber and Husky-ger do to have a drag turning better than a circuit car ?

  5. mikst95 says:

    Now we know what Debbi. I using lol

  6. MrKnightThor says:

    Горбатого только могила и исправит…

  7. Cinestar ds says:

    Вжик полетел… вот так выдавливают на форзу.

  8. tony the officer says:

    this isnt a hack, this is just lag. im sure on his screen (the agera driver's) hes driving just fine, but everyone else is looking like their teleporting. its just simple lag thats happening, i see it all the time. also, he probably has a maxed out agera witch increases speed and accel alot.

  9. Charley Tank says:

    I never understood People cheating in an online Multiplayer but I guess if that's the only way you can win…Oh damn Look it works it works The dislikes really work.

  10. Game Watcher says:

    thats explains how a lambrogini was able to get top rank in the speed challenge in the desert. scoring over 999999987 points

  11. Tommy Corcoran says:

    That isn't an agera

  12. Bastien says:

    Yes, that's speed hack!!!!!

  13. X_Wildstylez_X says:


  14. Chris Harris says:

    How do I do the speed hack or is it just on a mission or temporary?

  15. Gunterlappchen says:

    I hate cheaters, in so nice games like this

  16. new brand account says:

    These hackers maybe their account were hacked by creator of cheat

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