Should You Cheat in Battle Cats?

Cheating in Battle Cats has always interested me. In this video, I talk about the two types of cheats, the effects of them, and more!


33 thought on “Should You Cheat in Battle Cats?”

  1. KyLe GaminG says:

    Hacking is cheap my battle Cats have no hacks I'm in empire of cats chapter 3

  2. jonah rice says:

    The better question is how

  3. Ryan Massenburg says:

    Nothing about +2 -2 time glitch?

  4. Marlons Miracle says:

    0:55 666 times Very disturbing…

  5. Ng Cheryl says:

    I don hack I hate cheating but I rly want to hack but it’s bad I am still stuck in chapter 3

  6. Ness PK says:

    I don’t use track rolls because I don’t have enough cat food on my main account to even use it

  7. friedbowlrice says:

    I cheated, but only for 1mil xp

  8. Purple Guy says:

    The only hack I use is switch the audio from battles with more epic music

  9. Disbelief papyrus says:

    I tried to cheat and its very long and impossible to be endgame when cheating in battle cats

  10. Keir Allen says:

    I’ve been playing for a long time known about the sack for a long time and never used it in my life I even reset it without the heck and I’m still playing without it

  11. Decks Q says:

    Thanks for making this video. This is what the battle cats community needs. Though I agree others have different opinions on this and people can hack however they want in battle cats. From the way I see it, hacking not only takes away the satisfaction of the game, it also makes it pointless. So just stop hacking and play the game legit.

  12. Clayer Games says:

    Summary for me: use it for fun and yt vids don’t use it at your main account

  13. Vomur says:

    Ye lol, I lost my original account that had several years of playtime on it… So now I just want to get all stuff back

  14. Peter says:

    should you cheat on battle cats? yes you should unless you're fucking rich person that keep spending money on gacha.

  15. aVe Kociak says:

    5:08 this is what I call the most satisfying and sad moments for you and your base

  16. Earvin pol Pasamonte says:

    da real ting about my cheat is me saving cat food n me challenging on merciless stages

  17. a crazed bruhify tank cat says:

    it was fun and games, until….

    i accidently spent all my catfood in a hatsune miku collab and got Miku dupes.

  18. Penguin_gamer 12 says:


  19. 5-5 Is my ign says:

    i would use track rolls but it’s too hard to save up 1500 without using it all on random stuff

  20. TİMUR AVCI says:

    once i played with the 'maxed' hack.and it was the only 1 time when i actually got far on the game.

  21. Galactic gaming Btd6 says:

    Same I want to use it but I to cheat

  22. marcks alt says:

    You know why divorces are expensive?

    Because it's worth it …

    I remembered this joke because I saw cheating in the title

  23. Ber says:

    I use a hacked version of battle cats, for 2 reasons.

    1: The game is slow (for me) without speedups and makes me feel like I'm gonna fall asleep.

    2: I have to wait for energy to refill, takes hours in early game and even in late game.

    It makes my experience better for me. I generally just have more fun 🙂

  24. Adam E. says:

    By cheating here your straight up taking away your own fun

  25. Akirasans says:

    Actually I am using a hack for battle cats for the third time because whenever you try to update battle cats with hacks, you will be banned. That's why you should only download a hack for battle cats if you want to only if battle cats just recently finished an update.

  26. robotdino9902 says:

    Give me the track roll it will encourage me to grind

  27. Jaden Dodd says:

    Dudes acting like he is so perfect meanwhile he’s already hacked his game not to mention he just contradicted himself

  28. some random memer says:

    I agree, but it think it’s fun to have a separate hacked save file just so you can experiment and mess around

  29. Dab Daniel says:

    your first argument doesn't really make sense, while I do agree hacking makes the game less enjoyable your main argument is and I quote "part of the reason why battle cats so fun for and others are the challenging aspects of the game and the strategies you need to beat tough levels" 1:17

    it's a xp and catfood hack not a gamehack where you have cats that do like a million damage. what it essentially does it takes out all the boring grind you need to do for xp, catfood and np you still need to summon on gachas and grind for treasures, catfruit, etc, while you are ubercarrying it's not like you have all the fests in the game or something but you do progress much much faster and indeed lowers the amount of satisfaction the game offers. BUT it doesn't make the game "boring" the difficult stages still requires you to use unique strategies utilizing rare, super rare and special cats to beat them, in fact I would actually argue it makes some stages more enjoyable, stages that are just insanely annoying and frustrating to play that can even makes some players quit like dead by encore are still incredibly difficult and requires dozens of tries before beating it but you will never be so angry and frustrated that you quit the game or smash your device.

    There are also stages like at least i'm a cat that effectively stage locks you until you are able to get a good uber just to be able to progress though the game, while you are able to beat it by grinding out some free to play critters it's still heavily rng based. again it takes out the incredible amounts of frustration that can come from this game. (this is more of a argument for seeding but it still works in this case)

    finally ad watching is fucking shit

  30. meme master miko Xd says:

    How do you do the track rolls hack, if so what device should I do it on (it would only ruin randomness but I'm okay with that)

  31. anonymous anonymous says:

    yes you should hack battle cats only cause they made it so hard that you have to spend years to get good at the game but if you hack it you can’t update it so hack it when they stop updating the game

  32. Shadow123 4 says:

    You can have only 99,999,999 XP bro

  33. Patrick Rice says:

    I never have tracked my rolls

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