Last Chaos Attack Speed Hacking with Cheat Engine

This is my first video here, so be nice 😀
I did my best to show you, how easily you are able to hack online games. I didn’t test it, but it sure works with much much other games. When this vid gets a good rating and some views I’ll do this with some other games too I think. When you got any questions, didn’t unterstand anything etc feel free to post a comment or write a PN.

Sorry for the bad quality btw, but the one with good quality was 900 mb big, this is only 22 mb… so I decided for the 22 mb of course^^

36 thought on “Last Chaos Attack Speed Hacking with Cheat Engine”

  1. Hernani Botelho says:

    i made a bett with a friend that I would reach lvl 30 in last chaos before him now thx to u i am thx thx thx thx

  2. Rogaciano Solis says:

    i love you so much!!!!!
    thank you

  3. froschgesicht says:


  4. froschgesicht says:

    sweman64: No, you don't. Just enough power to run Last Chaos + Cheat Engine, but that won't be hard 🙂

    M3T3D4R: Don't put the value on 1, put it around 7 or 8. You may have to do some tests, I dont exactly know where the border is.

  5. magothor94 says:

    damn shit i think i´ve killes my titan :(((( i´ve lost the standart numbers =( can you help me please

  6. froschgesicht says:

    Uhm, what standard numbers? You mean the attack-speed? Just log in/out, then it's fixed. Or uncheck the Frozen-field, after some time it will go in its standart-value.

  7. Lurch Airsoft says:

    wow its nice but still, why cant you play the game like it was meant to be played? do u just have that little amount of skill?

  8. froschgesicht says:

    This works for every level, I just created a simple lvl 1 character to show you this instead of playing one to lvl 1337 or somewhat 🙂

  9. froschgesicht says:

    You don't get banned, just kicked.

  10. froschgesicht says:

    Nah, you just get kicked. You can relog and everything's fine.

  11. coconuts says:

    900 mb? Thats ridiculous.

  12. froschgesicht says:

    With the program I recorded it, it's not. You can record laggfree – but to do so, the program can't use enough capacity to compress the file, so it's 900mb big and I had to convert it. No idea = stfu plx.

  13. Adam Waugh says:

    holly sht dude i got it to work with my lvl but donte do it i got banned in 3 days lol

  14. wildsnakeskinz says:

    LOL .. quote "or a burning tree" .. hahaha

  15. froschgesicht says:

    I am more aware of that fact than you think. I know I got anger problems.

  16. Phirost14 says:

    Well, I lost the conexion everytime when i atack a monster. 3 or 4 monsters = lost conexion?

  17. froschgesicht says:

    Try setting the value at 6 or 7, not 1. Should still give a nice boost but prevent you from disconnecting.

  18. TheCookieCat says:

    thanks is very very good 😀

  19. froschgesicht says:

    If you get kicked you should put your value to around 6 or 7, that should look more realistic to the server so he won't kick you.

  20. Timm Möller says:

    8 ist optimal^^

  21. Jebiga Sreco says:

    Hey man ,Can you please tell me what Speeder you are useing.and send me the link where to download it,i got a few speeeders but they got a trial or some crap.PLease?

  22. Jebiga Sreco says:

    how would i hack a game with cheat engine.
    im trying to hack Requiem Bloody mary..
    but i use Speed hack and it only increases the speed
    but with last chaos you do value 14 then value 20 and Freeze it.. and it increases the speed of the weapons and not itself
    how would i do this to other games
    where would i find this value that i need for REQUIEM.
    please someone. if they know annything
    get to me ASAP.

  23. froschgesicht says:

    It's the same as here. You have to find out the value by sorting out every single other one, as I did here.
    If you got an attackspeed buff in Requiem, it is fairly easy. You search for "any value", use the buff, search for "changed value", wait until the buff dies down, search for "changed value", buff again, search "changed value" etc.
    At the end you will only have the attack/movespeed/whatever you buffed-value.

  24. Jebiga Sreco says:

    damm..rofl im so confused.wish i new how to do this..add me on msn if you got it.
    maybe you can help me out a bit by me sending you screenshots and you can just show me the way and tell me what to do then ill figure it out
    would appreicate this if you could show me.thnx for the other information.

  25. SullyShah says:

    Its cool and ive do that hack in pvp mode i kicked ppl aS*

  26. John Clayton says:

    They've fixrd this now lol. U just get diconnected after 10 secs

  27. dlugosi says:

    @froschgesicht just search searchengine 5.6 and download from the first page u get.
    i checked it is safe

  28. dlugosi says:

    @skylersmarr just search download cheat engine 5.6 and download from the first link it is safe.

  29. Karl A. says:

    i dont think ill play this game.. becuz of the graphics..

  30. SexyRolex says:

    @froschgesicht why do you change the value to 1 in the end ? do i also need to do this on other games ?

  31. froschgesicht says:

    You don't necessarily have to change them to 1. Last Chaos works in the way that it keeps track of the delay between two attacks – so 11 is pretty slow, and 1 is the maximum possible attack speed (0,1 would have probably made it even faster, but the video is 2 years old, so eh). If the attack speed (or whatever) is measured in another way in other games, you have to adapt accordingly.

  32. Tristen Wills says:

    okay i have cheat engine 6 and, a rouge with her weapon is 11 right? then without she is 20, when i do the numbers in that order when i check for 20 nothing is there, some one make an updated tutorial please?

  33. JustDoITUa UALV says:

    how doo i need do it with my NightShadow help me [email protected]

  34. Lord Araz says:

    new last chaos i think have made it dificult cause last time i tried it didnt work 🙁

  35. Nick M says:

    how would you do this on terraria?

  36. monami Biswas says:

    I just want to ask how do you know the initial value already how do you find it out.

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