How To Automate a Flash Game (Cheat Engine + AutoHotkey)

This video will show the way to hack a secured flash game. By creating a basic artificial intelligence (AI) you will be able to get top scores without being caught! (Even if your score is checked by game developers)

Zip containing the Game + Automation Scripts

Required tools (Free):

Tools to alter data (Optional – Free)

Tool to decompile SWF files (Optional – Shareware)

11 thought on “How To Automate a Flash Game (Cheat Engine + AutoHotkey)”

  1. Nabil Tadili says:

    Chuck Norris even more 🙂

  2. Fredde ThaiBecommingthe King says:

    DAMN MAN would be awesome if you could make a farming bot describing xD.

  3. Koenjah says:

    awesome man ty for your information

  4. Alttli says:

    thank you

  5. pXxDisasteRxXq says:

    ok, thanks, but the most interesting part of this pocess is write the scripts you've on the blocknotes. I mean, for another game, when you've the memory addresses of interest, how can you make it play itself?

  6. Nicolas Gomez says:

    Hi thanks for that tutorial and you know method for read value multi level pointers the Cheat Engine in Autohotkey? I need help my friend.

  7. Jane Tumandao says:

    who play cok beta

  8. Chimpeon Fan says:

    Nice video. I use Chimpeon to automate games like WOW, Rift and LOTR. Works well and can be used for farming mobs, levelling, accepting raid/dungeon queues, preventing AFK, and many more things.

  9. Acti says:

    fr cool

  10. Sunrise says:

    Your French? Tes Francais?

  11. LordQuerix says:

    what is the game called?

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