GODLIKE – Rainbow Six: Siege [CHEAT/HACK]

#Autoshoot #RunAndShoot #Speedhack
R6 is getting more like CS:GO every day.

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Song: Skan – Voices in My Head (feat. Jody)

The cheat used in this video is my own, and is thus not for sale.

32 thought on “GODLIKE – Rainbow Six: Siege [CHEAT/HACK]”

  1. Dolph.- says:


  2. Ciriv says:

    This is insane, I love it

  3. Ez says:


  4. jebac marcellusa says:

    i can see ur name 🙂

  5. OneTapGod says:

    Nice hack😄

  6. Frosty says:

    Had fun playing with you nn, it gave me enough time to get my full report complete. Get ready for lawsuit buddy it’s coming.

  7. OlyTM says:

    fucking insane

  8. Arrow TV says:

    Is this fortnite?

  9. Arrow TV says:

    Smartie whats ur discord I can't find you anymore – Jude

  10. Akolon13 says:

    upload source to uc pls

  11. Xanlin says:

    Sending this clip to Ubisoft xd

  12. Void says:

    I love your song choices!

  13. JustCallMeGreg says:

    Jucking Few

  14. kadey says:

    doesn't speedhack de-sync your hit registration? or does it work fine if you only do a certain speed?

  15. Pirouz WTF says:

    Nice <3

  16. Gaklio says:

    hmm, I might have to get back into siege, only of course if I could talk to you a little if you know what I mean 😉

  17. E says:

    So yes, hacking ruins the experience for other players. Apparently you started hacking because u got bored of the game. But how is this fun?

  18. Dopey says:

    now this is very poggie

  19. ZyTxYT says:

    what cheat do you use?

  20. stephen chiappetta says:

    This is just mean

  21. PuggyR6 says:

    U were so good when u didn’t hack. So sad u decided to take this road😟😔 well u get clips i guess??

  22. F3xykeeWT says:


  23. ReesetR6 says:

    Where did u learn to make hacks?

  24. Sajo says:

    mind if we play? and I would prefer not with hacks cause ion wanna get banned, if so reply with your disc

  25. Minty says:

    What happened to the old smartie?

  26. Operatore Meet says:

    yo bro which sites did u use to learn c++? this is not only learncpp.com lmao

  27. ethreal says:

    good aim though, ngl it was fun playing with you :), shit song doe..

  28. Anoz says:

    You should upload this to Ubisoft community forums and reddit. These are the cleanest shots I’ve ever seen

  29. Evi says:

    i love it when legit players come into a cheaters comments. like, bruh, one of the only ways you got here was googling r6 cheats.

  30. ForceTM says:

    beaulo who?

  31. Flat Tire72 says:

    Its pretty interesting to see the cheaters perspective ngl

  32. Vito says:

    Do you sill got an account? Hope we could play together one day, i woulf like to see how these hacks work in a 1v1 idk

    I dont like cheating or cheaters, but this seems interesting…

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