Game Hacking #12 – How to make a simple anti cheat (string scan) Tutorial

In this video I will be showing you how to make a simple anti cheat which scans strings in a file and detects it for blacklisted words like readprocessmemory, writeprocessmemory, aimbot, wallhack, csgo, csgo.exe and so on.
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22 thought on “Game Hacking #12 – How to make a simple anti cheat (string scan) Tutorial”

  1. Jonny says:

    What I noticed is that its case sensitive, my aimbot was undetectable, because aimbot was typed "Aimbot".

    Anyone know how to make it search for all words without case sensitive?

  2. Mr. Mes says:

    Ну и нахуй на буржуйском базаришь? Явно спалил Рашку. Бро базарь на русском, так понятнее будет.

  3. שחר אושרי says:

    Hi man can u please make AntiCheat for swbf2?

  4. Ferox says:

    imagine one random guy made anticheat in 2k16 and its same or better than vac. LMAO.

  5. Zweds says:

    VAC in 4 minutes

  6. frey says:

    Still beter than VAC

  7. eLeCtrOssSnake says:

    lol, u will be banned using steam overlay

  8. Mikdore CZ says:

    Why are these words showing up? Are they like variables or something like that? Why can you read it and the rest not if its all binary pls help

  9. TerWebz says:

    make a version we can apply to our games and it scans the processes running and ones that get started would be better. As i want to make a multiplayer game FPS but i want to stop cheaters from playing perhaps maybe make it so that when the player is detected it closes the process and displays a message that they have been banned for cheating and then make it so that when you run the game again it will close and display the message again!

  10. aker2k says:

    Fundamentally using heuristics to check files, not so different that what an antivirus does.

  11. coolhartt games says:

    Will this work for dead by daylight?

  12. Spleech says:

    Still better than VAC

  13. sense says:


  14. Ivaylo Manolov says:

    Hello 🙂 I was wondering where do you learn all those stuff ? 🙂
    Are there any books ? any Tutorials ? I couldnt find a thing ?

  15. Mister E says:

    Isn't it easier to just parse Windows events and search for opening csgo.exe from outside? No privacy leak and shit

  16. kitzlex1 says:

    Someone have RAinbowSixSiege hack

  17. johnyyboinc98003 says:

    How do you get around obfuscated cheats using homemade obfuscation tools? Also, wouldn't this detect non cheat programs using readprocessmemory?

  18. Saman Abdullah says:

    Hi bro I just need the ANTIBAN file for PUBG mobile can you make something to be safe on the game please I don’t care about money just make me a good ANTIBAN file or tweak thank you

  19. Z4H says:

    valve used this video to make VAC XD

  20. Erick Johnson II says:

    There's an online dominoes game on an app called domino! by flyclops. I really think there is cheating going on in this game and i wonder if there's a way to prevent the cheating when playing an opponent who is using a cheat.

  21. Dernier says:

    But what if they change the keyword of “aimbot” to something else?

  22. HenballZ Gameplay says:

    Best anti-cheat:
    Make a game, don't share it. You're not gonna have cheaters so you won't care about anti-cheat system. Problem solved (it's a joke if someone wouldn't get it)

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