Fix lag using 60fps cheats for Pokemon Ultra Sun & other games | Citra MMJ Android

I heard that the official Citra team is going to release the official Citra android app on the Playstore early this year. I’m looking forward to that. But for now, the Citra MMJ + 60fps cheat codes are all that we got.

Citra MMJ v20200228 ►
Citra MMJ releases by weihuoya ►

60fps cheat codes for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon by Reshiban of gbatemp:
D3000000 33000000
00F67FE8 00000002
D2000000 00000000

60fps cheat codes compilation by gbatemp team ►

Settings Used:
Use Virtual SD – on
Enable CPU JIT – on
Internal Resolution – 2x
Enable Hardware Share – on
Accurate Multiplication – off
Texture Load Hack – on

The 60fps cheat does not enable 60fps in Citra, it only doubles the game’s speed.
With the speed boost, you can even go for higher resolutions. Turn on “audio stretching” to reduce stutters in sound.

Where to get nintendo 3DS roms? Just google it and make sure it says ” decrypted for citra emulator” 😉

Phone used: Pocophone F1

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Thank you 🙂

21 thought on “Fix lag using 60fps cheats for Pokemon Ultra Sun & other games | Citra MMJ Android”

  1. • iJam says:

    Bro can you tell me how do you export 60 fps in android

  2. Skool. says:

    Thx! I can Play Sonic Lost World In A Excellent FPS

  3. Jair CM ZD GD 117 says:

    Don't work in my cellphone

  4. VerityYT says:

    Its Fake he used speed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yohan Liwang says:

    Nope didn't work

  6. Joseph Ishtewi says:

    Didnt work

  7. Sonde Hang'ombe says:

    But like for real thank you so much it's working much better than before 😁😁👍👍👍👍

  8. S.A.M says:

    How much fps will i get on "mediatek helio g85" processor & on 6GB ram With this code & settings?(on pokemon sun)

  9. ꧁༺кυмα_ Dєνιl༻꧂ says:

    Why it still lagging

  10. Vali Bhutiya says:

    Bro i dont play it because i am playing it in my father's phone and my father dont allowed me to play this because it is 1.7 GB

  11. aaron de leon says:

    Bro its not working on my phone. I have oppo f9 phone and pokemon ultra sun v1.0 no outline

  12. Slinter Gacha says:

    It doesn't work😢

  13. PurE FranciskA says:

    the buttons disappeared o.o

  14. Wither Tubbies4015 says:

    Thx Dude it's working only audio is Lag

  15. Side A says:

    Not working with Huawei P40 Pro 🙁

  16. Saviolaw100 Vettakaran says:

    Bro my Pokemon ultra sun shows error 12

  17. Rishi Ratna says:

    It is not working

  18. 枚桜島スイレン says:

    When i hold it down it wont open. Do you know ajy other eays?

  19. Rjhay Pagtiilan says:

    I have like 6 fps and its so freaking annoying

  20. Rjhay Pagtiilan says:

    i hope this works

  21. 쉐니 says:

    Thx very much 🙂 its much faster

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