Drag Racer v3 – Cheat Engine Hack – Engine Horsepower/Torque Hack


I have figured out how to improve a cars horsepower and torque in Drag Racer v3. At first i tried to change it directly from my cars. this didnt work so i tried a different method of changing it on the engine then installing the engine. It worked perfectly so here it is.

Please leave comments and enjoy!!

This also works on the weight of the engine. If you can’t find where it says drag racer v3 in the windows list you are most likly using the downloadable game and that will be in the process list.

Download Cheat Engine 5.5 from:

Full screen non-download:

Download Drag Racer v3 from:

(You do not need the downloaded version of the game for this hack you can use the versoins that are on the net)

If it did not work for you:
Try use

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34 thought on “Drag Racer v3 – Cheat Engine Hack – Engine Horsepower/Torque Hack”

  1. Lorech says:

    DIdn't work! From 400 stayed 400! ;( (BHP)

  2. 6467449 says:

    are all of the thing they said real

  3. Jacob Daeth says:

    I downloaded it from the same thing, did every thing you said, and once I'm done hacking the game crashes. P.S. i put the values at 100,000 hp and torque, is that too high? and do I have to use that same engine?

  4. connoriiii says:

    how do u get the calculator up

  5. Andrew Coe says:

    when i type in 5600 and click first scan only 1 thing apears on the left

  6. Andrew Coe says:

    No the hack didnt work
    However for the torq i got multiple ones

  7. Andrew Coe says:

    I did use that one
    I wonder wats wrong

  8. Andrew Coe says:

    How Many Bytes Did u use ???

  9. lewis burke says:

    thanks alot mate 5/5 subbed

  10. Hendrelix says:

    isnt working for me i get 2 hp codes but 1 torq code.

  11. FREE says:

    didn't work

  12. Nordwayjunk says:

    i dont get the right numbers can you tell me the nubers??

  13. NightHorder says:

    I'm not good with racing! How to do this with moneys?

  14. NightHorder says:

    I can't get this to work, although the speed is much faster than I thought, hmm, maybe it's not chaning the number, as of what I see

  15. LanOsb133 says:

    can u do this on downlaoded???

  16. Bobby Avery says:

    I put unclebuttfuck as my username… is that better..??

  17. WestCircleBitchez says:

    How do u complete lvl 30 in single race?

  18. Bill Tim says:

    i cant change the value at 2:30

  19. Scrub gaeming says:

    why every time i do it it shuts down my internet? some 1 plz reply the cause of this and i will try to advoid it plz

  20. ccg199709 says:

    gosh realy complicated :l

  21. toad phaj says:

    hey thxzzz ok

  22. dowen0023 says:

    how do you get the power/torque to just 3000?

  23. Jordan Majocha says:

    @tylerm50 If you're talking about the cheat engine, it's in the description. If you're talking about the game, I don't know. But I just play it on [dragracerv3 . c0m]

  24. krazor8 says:

    @edgardointheBronx probably beacuse ur values are to big for the ie to handle… try firefox or google chrome…. they work for me all the time… only tiime a crash happens is when i enter a number to large… and even after that only the flash plugin crashes

  25. WarpedReplayz says:

    unclepeanuts doesnt work for me

  26. WarpedReplayz says:

    like what

  27. Jadranka Jos says:

    if you want drag racer hacked then go to arcade pre hacks

  28. Skylar Rogers says:

    @begoodthoughtable you use space to accelerate and the up and down keys to shift

  29. Trevor Broderson says:

    mine didnt work

  30. michael gye says:

    Some of minedidn't go to 80000 they stayed at 5 or said ??

  31. Niaku Wolf says:

    You're about the 20th person i've referred to how to do this. You all go through the same process yet i follow it to the letter/number and i get nothing! My game or browser just keeps crashing. It's bullshit! I don't understand. Can anyone explain to me why i seem to be the only one this doesn't work for?

  32. stabbedthroughperk s says:

    maybe its because your using to much mb on the browser

  33. David Estevez says:

    i cant find drag racer v3 in the windows list

  34. Billy Dandan says:

    hey cuz

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