CHEATS For New Super Mario Bros U | CEMU New Super Mario Bros U Cheat Engine Tutorial

Cheats for New Super Mario Bros U! New Super Mario Bros U Hacks for use with CEMU and Cheat Engine. Tested and working in version 1.17.3.


What you’ll need for this hack:
⭐Cheat table section of my Discord server:
Cheat Engine:

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28 thought on “CHEATS For New Super Mario Bros U | CEMU New Super Mario Bros U Cheat Engine Tutorial”

  1. rEe KiD says:

    Lol u be hacking

  2. Les Jeux d'Ero says:

    Nice video my firend. I dropped the like

  3. omega omega says:

    I like cemu cheats awesome will try them all out thanks!

  4. Vahag Kazaryan says:

    Good one, updated to CEMU 1.7.4 , Jumps are working, Time+Never Loose are not

  5. Kieran de roe says:

    Max jump works for me on 1.74 but sadly nothing else 🙁

  6. Ulieq says:

    when will the graphic packs work again? Doesn't seem like they have been updated in 3 months

  7. Galxey says:

    Where are all of your subs man? You seem to be missing a few hundred thousand

  8. jcbyn says:

    I tested the 1.4 script with NSMBU US 1.3 + Cemu 1.7.4 : the same than the previous tests : only the jumps work!
    Example of a message for the time option :
    "Lua error in the script at line 2:[string "local syntaxcheck, memrec=… …"]:4: attempt to index a nil value (global 'resultList')"

  9. Chris Flowers-Smoker1 says:

    I can not seem to get these to Enable. I get 1, but the rest I cant. It is like CheatEngine is struggling to keep up or something. Using latest CheatEngine and CEmu.

  10. 西皮 says:

    NSMBU_v1.3.0_+6_1.17.4_ct_v1.4.CT, still error JUMP Outside…

    <<Lua error in the script at line 2:(string "local syntaxcheck, memrec=… …"]:4:attempt to index a nil value (global 'resultLIst')>>

  11. Kieran de roe says:

    Tested again for me with 1.74 but none of the cheats work. Before I had max jumping working. Still, much thanks and look forward to an update My Posty lol

  12. jcbyn says:

    Here's the last Postposterous version's NSMBU_v1.3.0_+6_1.17.4_ct_v1.4_alt.CT :

  13. nahnahnah says:

    I would love infinite time in 3D world so I can actually enjoy the levels.

  14. 西皮 says:

    1.You must enter the level first, then turn on cheat.

    2.Nevertheless, sometimes cheat still fails suddenly, or it cannot be turned on / off.

    3.If Mario is small, cheat will be invalid, such as invincible, you must get any item first.

    4.Many times, cemu and cheatengine must be restarted.

  15. Dark Web says:

    Why do I think you took marketing classes?

  16. ralp7hack says:

    sube un tutoriar como usas el Cheat Engine Tutorial

  17. Shadow Man says:

    mario kart 8 cheat engine

  18. Aldair González says:


  19. Jeixzn says:

    i thought cheat engine had a malware

  20. Piotr Skaryszewski says:

    the discord site SUCKS !!! cant finish the registration, last button doesn't do anything, why cant you post those cheat tables somewhre else ? 🙁

  21. PreseMCa says:

    ya encontre el trainer esta en esta pagina : copienlo y pagenlo y hay estara el trainer si lo necesitan muchas gracias❤😀😍😍

  22. Steven Thijs says:

    Do you maybe know how to upload a save file for mario bro wii u + luigi into the mlc01 folder? I tried to google it but can't find the files and the correct folder to put them in. I copied some files from but without succes

  23. Nick Van werkhoven says:

    When i install cheat engine will the cheats just pop up or do i have to enter codes

  24. LeftHookOuch McArm says:

    is there a way to get infinate p-acorn plus invisibility? I can't beat the airship part because of the tilt requirement.

  25. Marvin Freeman says:

    It would be great if it work

  26. Rafael Barbosa says:

    please do super jump for super mario 3D world

  27. Davi Henrique says:

    name of music in the intro

  28. gabrieldo3172 says:

    Where do I download the cheats for New Super Mario Bros. Wii U at CEMU? I can't find it anywhere! Pass me the download link please!

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