Batman: Arkham Origins GAME CHEATS (trainer +2)

Download Batman Arkham Origins trainer+2

experience hack
unlimited upgrade points

48 thought on “Batman: Arkham Origins GAME CHEATS (trainer +2)”

  1. Benito Sosa says:

    I have a problem, I have too many upgrade points and the "level up" message is showing, what can I do to reduce the skill points?

  2. PCtrainers says:

    Fixed the trainer (download it again). Every time you spend a point now it always stays at 1 instead of increasing.

  3. Alexandr Grande says:

    The unlimited upgrade points does not work!

  4. aestheticjmack says:

    A friend I love you!

  5. PCtrainers says:

    If one cheat works, the second cheat must work too. I changed it so it always stays at 1 upgrade point instead of increasing points.

  6. DrAGoN9o00 says:

    infinite health pls?????????????????? i cant kill the fucking deathstroke !!!

  7. James B. says:

    Why is there a fucking survey?!

  8. PCtrainers says:

    What are you talking about? There are no ads/surveys/waiting time in the link. Check the link before you post.

  9. James B. says:

    Sorry for he swift judgment, but I also cannot get it to work. Do I activate the trainer before or after the game is started? I paused my game and pressed F4 and F5 and nothing happened!?

  10. PCtrainers says:

    If it doesn't work then read what it says in red text when you open the trainer. It is made for a specific version

  11. SkunkyCheezWizz says:

    batman doesnt kill

  12. Dracu La says:

    How do u activate the cheat, and where do u put the winrar file ?

  13. mario Armentastein says:

    is this cheat work in xbox 360?

  14. 007JB says:

    guys this realy works wonderful ive been searching all day, 
    download then open when the game is running then in the game press F5 (button F5)  then go and fight and u will see

  15. thesheppard0828 says:

    Batman doesnt kill

  16. Xander Malcolmson says:

    Thats not xp that is ur combo after u defeat all enemys it tells u ur rank and how much xp u get after u do hi combos or fancy moves

  17. Xander Malcolmson says:

    Thats not xp that is ur combo after u defeat all enemys it tells u ur rank and how much xp u get after u do hi combos or fancy moves

  18. yousuf yasir says:

    Itdont work

  19. Yo Momma says:


  20. Joshua Smith says:

    I wish there was a cheat for lots of skins

  21. higor campos says:

    Como ativa estes cheats?

  22. Hasaki Alucard says:


  23. __maiden heaven__ says:

    U need these cheats you suck at this game

  24. Imposter Rrez says:

    deosnt work

  25. Imposter Rrez says:

    how do i open it

  26. music whore says:


  27. Firstname Last name says:

    His channels called pc whatever and this is just a hack

  28. ANTHONY -_- says:

    That's not experience its your combo count the x is times

  29. Heladia Guzman says:

    what is the cheat code

  30. Ann Matya says:

    Shut my game down
    Thanks alot

  31. Level Lake508 says:

    anthony lopes after a fight you get xp it depends on the score you get after crushing some bad guys

  32. Essam Ali says:

    thanks bro link work

  33. Robert says:

    It won't work

  34. Champagne Papi says:

    Why would someone want cheats? You must really suck at games…

  35. The_Legend_27 says:

    Lol batman doesnt kill

  36. Crow Darven says:

    this mod you can convert to ps3 thanks

  37. Mayuresh Chari says:

    Where to put the file to make it work

  38. GuillotineGaming says:


  39. rana shar dil says:


  40. Icarus 7 says:

    nice english

  41. VLABOGELOFF says:

    Так тоже русский в 2018?

  42. Basty Tinte says:

    Batman arakham origins he said in 0:3 😂😂

  43. jaydogz 82 says:


  44. Gianao Gxjxj says:

    Can i turn on 1 cheat or i have to turn both of them and when i turn on the cheat my game freeze plz help me

  45. RainedCow says:

    Please Do One For Updated Version

  46. JacK YRF says:

    Where I have to paste this file ???

  47. AKSHAY BHUSARI says:

    My game was stuck after some time in fighting if I apply trainer cheats like unlimited life unlimited schok gloves and free fly what should I do

  48. THUNDERCAT2782 says:

    hi thanks for the tutorial. how do you write a cheat in the game?

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