►CHEAT/HACK◄ SA-X Suit Hack Metroid Fusion


If you Use my codes, please Subscribe to me, So I may see which code(s) you’ve used, if you have made a video with my codes. I love to see when my own codes are used & I can see how much people like them. 😀
Also, Eventually, I WILL update with a link to my hacked version of Metroid so you can have fun on that too!
I’m going all the way through Metroid 4 (Fusion), and I’m using Double Helix to edit the maps and stuff. I though it’s be a good idea to show you some progress made. I’ve also made so CodeBreaker codes to mod the game. I self-made codes to change my suit, unlock every level lock door, give me every suit, all beams (including the fearful Ice Beam), Missile & Bomb Upgrades, And finally Misc. upgrades. Just to be secure not to stop progress in the game, I also composed De-Activation codes to turn off suits/weapons/misc upgrades.
Below I WILL list the codes for your distribution.
I’ll even add extra codes for a little more fun! some codes will have a NOTE: under them. Please read carefully.

Enjoy The Codes:
Dark Suit CodeBreaker
83004D28 0000
83004D2A 00FF
83004D2C 00FF
83004D2E 0000
83004D30 0000
83004D32 0000
83004D34 0000
83004D36 0000
83004D38 0000
83004D3A 0000
83004D3C 00FF
83004D3E FFFF
83004D40 0000
83004D42 00FF
83004D44 0000
83004D46 0000

All Beam, Missile & Bomb Upgrade CodeBreaker
2300131A 0C06
2300131A 0D31
2300131A 3CA5
2300131A 0AD8
(NOTE: You will need to collect the morph ball for the power bombs)

All Misc. Upgrades
2300131C 0008
2300131C 1040
2300131C 0D07

Unlock All Doors
3300131D 0000
3300131D 0001
3300131D 0002
3300131D 0003
3300131D 0004

Both Suit Upgrades
2300131C 0030

Turn Off All
3300131A 0000
3300131B 0000
3300131C 0000
(NOTE: Activate these cheats before confronting bosses so it doesn’t glitch the game. You can deactivate after confrontation so you have everything for the fight)

Bombs and Power Bombs go off instantly
7300097E 0032
4300097E 0001
00000011 0020
7300097E 001E
4300097E 0001
00000009 0020
7300097E 0046
4300097E 0001
00000011 0020

Frozen Enemies
43000172 0001
0000000D 0038
(NOTE: De-Activate when in a Navigation Room)

Stop Event Timers
330008D9 0000

SA-X in Your Suit
83004D92 0000
83004D94 00FF
83004D96 00FF
83004D98 0000
83004D9A 0000
83004D9C 0000
83004D9E 0000
83004DA0 0000
83004DA2 0000
83004DA4 00FF
83004DA6 FFFF
83004DA8 0000
83004DAA 00FF
83004DAC 0000
83004DAE 0000

Continuous Speed Boost
33001253 00A0
D0000020 0010
8300125E 00A0
D0000020 0020
8300125E FF60
NOTE:This code also has some side-effects, you can move when you normally can’t, eg. you can move on a navigation pad, you can move during an elevator ride, you can move during and when recovering from a spark (which you can also go though walls by exploiting)

No Weapon CoolDown
3300124E 0000

Infinite Health Missiles and Power Bombs
83001310 0833
33001314 00FA
33001318 0040

In-Game Time 00:00
83000138 0000

100% Completion
3300151E 0064

Map Shows Time and Items Collected
33000014 0001

SA-X Dark Suit (Not Quite Right)
83004D92 0000
83004D94 00FF
83004D96 00FF
83004D98 0000
83004D9A 0000
83004D9C 0000
83004D9E 0000
83004DA0 0000
83004DA2 0000
83004DA4 00FF
83004DA6 FFFF
83004DA8 0000
83004DAA 00FF
83004DAC 0000
83004DAE 0000

Please Note that these are CODEBREAKER CODES. Nothing else.
Creds to Nintendo for Metroid 4,
Creds to HyperCam 2 for its’ superb recording.

40 thought on “►CHEAT/HACK◄ SA-X Suit Hack Metroid Fusion”

  1. SWicK says:

    @John14073 Easy stuff. In VBA (Or whatever you use, that's what I use), Select the cheats dropdown menu, and select Cheat List. then, enter these codes as CodeBreakers.

  2. John14073 says:

    @flashpro62 Okay, thank you. I also use VBA and I knew about the cheats menu, I just didn't know how to put the codes in.

  3. SWicK says:

    @John14073 Ah yeah, not a problem.

  4. Francis Proulx says:

    Without cheats you would be dead in the quarantine zone against the 1st lil' creature 🙂

  5. 327Vex says:

    looks like a cross between carnage and chewbacca

  6. Robin Sjolund says:

    thats not sa-x suit

  7. SWicK says:

    @madinogi My guess is because you had all the codes activated before entering a boss room. I do believe I wrote notes along with the codes that tell you that you must turn off the codes before entering a boss room. They're slightly touchy, and can mess with the game's programming.

  8. lykaon868 says:

    The Suits presented in this video is the Dark Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. After some tampering, I believe that I improved them a little, for both Samus and the SA-X, as well as create the Light Suit for Samus. I made a video for them, just search for either Dark Suit Samus, Dark Suit SA-X, or Light Suit Samus in Metroid Fusion.

  9. lykaon868 says:

    The codes are in the video.

  10. coachdrn says:

    Screw Attack Rocks!

  11. coachdrn says:

    I also love the wave beam

  12. coachdrn says:

    Its SA X Suit.

  13. coachdrn says:

    The game is so easy with these codes

  14. Smol Chub says:

    They won't work 🙁

  15. Pheromone says:


    You know damn well how you got those views. ;D

  16. SWicK says:

    Hahaha, thanks!

  17. Dragon King says:

    the suits dont work :/

  18. C I G A R E T T E says:

    That's phazon suit twat

  19. SWicK says:

    I beg your pardon?

  20. C I G A R E T T E says:

    Lol I'm kidding

  21. SWicK says:

    I'll leave you to remove your comments yourself.

  22. C I G A R E T T E says:

    I thought you were talking about the suit samus is wearing

  23. Metroidhunter says:

    I think he was talking about the thumbnail. But you can think what you want.

  24. SWicK says:

    He was indeed talking about the thumbnail.
    But much to contrary belief, I achieved 10,000 views long before I was able to use custom thumbnails.
    That part was more or less a bonus.

  25. Serjio Blockus says:

    Oh this is leviathan background soundtrack isnt it

  26. SWicK says:

    Close! It's the Phaaze area theme 🙂

  27. Serjio Blockus says:

    @flashpro62 well i havent played that game in like 5 years

  28. Some Nerd says:

    How do I make a custom suit?

  29. TheRealTaco87 says:

    Why does the SA-X suit work?

  30. Mateo Pacheco Gómez says:

    weon aweonao muestra el cheat

  31. ParkCity says:

    well ,in a nutshell, look up the base code (below) and mess with the four numbers on the end of each line. I.E. — 83004D2C XXXX you would mess around with xxxx untill you got the color you wanted. the two alphanumeric characters before these four x's determine what part of the suit you're coloring! 😀 hope i helped a little! 🙂

  32. luis salgado says:

    The thumbnail brought me here

  33. Bo Jangles says:

    Is that Phaaze music…

  34. Kiju kitten says:

    my rom wont change the colors byt everything else works?

  35. Jeremiah Richards says:

    Is it one big code (if it is I'm not using them

  36. Andres Acosta says:

    Reaction 1: So THAT's why Samus looked like Carnage in your other videos.

    Reaction 2: that misleading thumbnail…

  37. Jeremiah Richards says:

    try dont work try on pc phone tablet none worked

  38. Cosmic says:


    literally a suit-hack for the SA-X. You typed "SA-X suit hack" which most people will recognize as "Oh hey look someone gave samus the SA-X suit"

    again: You whored views with a clickbait title

  39. Nestor Eduardo Gomez Mera says:

    Very Good Clickbait!

  40. Waddle dee pañuelo 300 pro says:

    I wil denunce you

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